The Trendline

A Newsletter on Advanced Web Applications

The Trendline is a weekly newsletter aimed at making you a better web engineer by discussing advanced web application development topics.

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Each newsletter will contain a short blog post discussing advanced web development trends and ways you can become a better developer.

In addition to a short discussion on web development trends, each newsletter will contain several links to interesting articles, essays, or projects related to advanced web application development techniques.

Sample Topics

  • Horizontal scaling
  • Large dataset processing
  • No downtime deployments
  • Development with virtual machines
  • NoSQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Building REST APIs
  • Caching
  • Synchronization with 3rd party APIs
  • Queuing and background data processing
  • Application structure for long term development
  • Application security
  • Searching

Who Are We?

The Trendline is a newsletter started by the software consulting company Bright March. Bright March was founded in May 2011 by two developers: Neil Duffy and Vic Cherubini.

Together, Bright March builds bespoke software for a wide variety of clients. Neil and Vic have over 20 years of experience building, launching, and maintaining web software.

Neil is an accomplished front end engineer. He started as a designer and quickly moved into the complex world of CSS and JavaScript. He'll lend his experience in making complex web applications with libraries like Backbone to The Trendline.

Vic started programming in 1999 with Perl and quickly moved into PHP. He has experience in building advanced backend web sites using a wide variety of technologies. Vic's main goal with The Trendline is to make you a better programmer.

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